If You’re Reading This, You Might be Addicted to Instagram

Posted on Thursday, August 8, 2013 in Instagram


Have you ever submitted a photo to Instagram before you even get out of bed for the day?  You might be addicted; read on for the low-down.

Instagram is a wonderful platform where anyone can showcase their talent as a photographer.  It’s gained lots of attention from people in all walks of life.  It’s a love-it or hate-it iPhone app that has drawn both high praise and heavy criticism.  Some people, though, just can’t live without it.

Social media platforms are being hailed as the best internet innovation of recent years.  Facebook, Twitter and others offer the chance to stay connected to friends and family, even if they are on the other side of the world.  But being plugged in like that can cause addiction, as has been recognized by the spate of new research on social media and internet use.

So, are you addicted to Instagram?

Imagine your life for a day without access to Instagram, without wondering if you’ve gotten new likes, without thought to your plan to buy Instagram followers.  Is it scary?  Do you feel panicky?  Can you even begin to imagine it?

Instagram can be lots of fun.  There are many great filters to use to enhance your photos and lots of great photos from other users to look through and admire.  It’s not hard to build a decent following if you have some talent and the ego boost of being popular on social media platforms can be intoxicating.  However, there is a darker side to dependence on sites like Instagram.  People lose their jobs, disconnect from friends and family and become completely absorbed in their virtual world.  Some people even adopt or buy animals just for the photographic opportunities they present.

Instagram gives everyone the opportunity to be recognized for their talent.  Building a good following on social media can be a very beneficial activity, especially if you do it in order to share your talent with others.  It can be a good avenue for promotion of a blog, website or other type of business.  There are lots of websites who can help you build your following more quickly and easily with options to Free Instagram Likes.  You don’t have to be connected to it all the time in order to gain exposure for yourself.  Unplug every once in a while and get out in the real world; Instagram will still be there when you get back.

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